Government Admits: Vaccines Caused Child’s Autism

It should be no surprise that big media often overlooks or skews stories which may hurt their megaconglomco parent company’s bottom line. We saw it in Iraq, we saw it in their strike coverage, and we in the autism community see it every day in the co-dependant jerk off between the government, the media and big-Pharma.
As a father living with autism, I see every day how people, corporations and governments exploit those who don’t have the power or will to fight back. Even if you don’t know my son, you probably know someone else who is living with autism. One in 150 children in the U.S. have some form of autism. That’s half a million children and the number is growing. And yet the medical establishment, the CDC and every other “authority” on the subject have no idea why, and no plan what to do about it.

My wife, Ginger, who is a tireless advocate and blogger on Autism ( has written a letter (below) about what is possibly THE STORY OF THE DECADE, THAT NO ONE IS REPORTING. We would be very grateful to all of you reading to consider the issues and forward this on to anyone you know who might be able to help get the word out. The more people who know, the harder it will be for the government and these corporations to hide their dirty little secrets.

Hello Friends,

As most of you know I write an autism blog that very often focuses on the role that vaccines play in the autism epidemic. I believe that my son’s autism was triggered by his vaccines.

I don’t often call many stories to the general attention of my friends, but this is probably this biggest news of the year if not the decade, and it is not being reported in the media, so I wanted to make sure you were aware of this development.

After four years of investigating, I am convinced that the increasingly aggressive vaccine schedule is not only ushering in the autism epidemic, but several other health problems that are on the rise in children. Children of my generation received 10 vaccines, our children now receive 36. Too many vaccines, too close together, not tested in combination, given to soon, to children who have no medical history and are not screened in advance to see if they have a healthy enough immune system to handle the vaccines, is adding up to tens of thousands of children with life long health problems and developmental disabilities.

Vaccines do cause autoimmune disorders, permanent brain damage, and even death in some people to whom they are administered. Although not widely discussed by health officials for obvious reasons, this is NOT a controversial idea, but accepted medical fact, and is printed right on the safety sheet in every box of vaccine. Because the claims against vaccine manufacturers were piling up, they began threatening not to make them any more, claiming that paying for the cases where damage occurred would cease to make vaccine production profitable.

To deal with this problem (instead of coming up with a way to determine in advance who could be safely administered vaccines and who was at risk, the ethical thing to do) the government decided to continue to vaccinate everyone and create a special ‘Vaccine Court’ where people who suffered ill effects could bring their claims of vaccine injury to be heard, and if it was determined that the cause was a vaccine, they would receive a settlement from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund (VCIP). You have contributed to this fund every time you buy a vaccine, as a part of the purchase price is deposited there.

What has become controversial in the last decade is the question of whether or not autism is a vaccine injury and one of the disorders that should be paid for out of this multi billion dollar fund. Autism families have been submitting their claims to this court for more than 10 years, and the first hearing took place last June in the case of Michelle Cedillo. A verdict on the Cedillo is not expected until the fall of 2008.

But last November another case was about to come to a hearing, but instead of taking the case to trial, the US Government (the Department of Justice, the defendant in the case) admitted that a young girl’s autism was brought on by her 18 month vaccinations of, DtaP, HiB, MMR, Varivax, and IPV and she is being paid a settlement from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund!!

The court then sealed the case, and only this week did reporter David Kirby, get a hold of court documents and report on the details. He has appropriately withheld the girl’s name, but we in the autism community are calling her Eve.

You would think that the first autism/VICP case ending in a mia culpa that vaccines brought on a Eve’s autism would be front page news. But No One has picked up the story. Two days ago ABC News sent out an email to several sources asking for their input in preparation for a story on the Government’s admission that was potentially to run Wednesday, Feb 27th, but they didn’t run it.

I have three pieces on the story of “Eve”, including the email from ABC, and I encourage you to read them and pass them along.

I also encourage you to get a hold of your local (and national) news outlets and tell them you want this story investigated and aired. The government has admitted that Vaccines are a causal link to Eve’s autism, and every parent in the country deserves to know this. Print these stories out and take them to your pediatrician and ask him to get answers from the American Academy of Pediatrics, who have not been properly training the doctors that look to them for guidance on how to safely administer vaccines and how to care for your children.

Thank You,
Ginger Taylor

Post Script:
Much of the focus on the vaccine debate has been on Thimerosal, a mercury preservative that has largely (although not completely) removed from vaccines. For example most flu shots and all tetnus shots still contain a full dose of mercury that the EPA only says is safe for an adult that weighs 550lbs. But Mercury is not the only problem vaccine ingredient. They contain aluminum, formaldehyde, antibiotics, aborted fetal tissue, monosodium glutamate, eggs, peanut products, yeast, lactose, casein, soy, cow parts, chicken parts, pig parts, monkey parts, foreign DNA and on and on. Check the CDC’s list of vaccine ingredients, so that you can truly have informed consent before you vaccinate your child.

For more information on the government concession, please read David Kirby’s recent article in the Huffington Post.


Strike’s Over. “You get back to work!”

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