Happy World Autism Day!

Lot’s of coverage on CNN today. Some of it good. But let’s not raise awareness, let’s raise compassion.

A lot of people are aware of the existence of starving kids in Africa, but who is moved with compassion to do something about it?

We don’t need people to be aware that 1 in 150 kids has autism, we need people to have the courage and compassion to move heaven and earth to help our kids. (preach it!)


One thought on “Happy World Autism Day!

  1. This actually puts me in mind of the silly “lights out” campaign a few days ago, where major cities were supposed to turn out their lights for an hour in order to increase global warming.
    I’d say that anyone who is in a position to do anything about global warming is already aware of the problem, and the little “lights out” thing does nothing to really increase anything (except perhaps danger to those walking on unlit streets).

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