A Mothers Day Miracle

We took Ginger out Saturday to Skillin’s, the 133 year old family-owned nursery, loaded up the car and gardened all day.

But the highlight of the weekend was on Sunday when we were out for a drive and stopped in to see our new CSA farm in Wiscassett , Buckwheat Blossom Farm.  The first thing we noticed was that 4 chickens had gotten out beyond the fence and and were wandering around the other side of the street (talk about “free-range” chickens).  We pulled up beside them and told the boys “look at the chickens.”

Chandler stood up, leaned out the window and said:

Hewwo Chickens. How are you? My name is Chanwer. These are my friends, Webster, Mommy and Daddy.

Four sentences!  It was Chandler’s first single utterance of more than 10 words, and it’s also his first ever paragraph.

Mama couldn’t be prouder.   A true Mothers Day miracle.

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