Burma Crisis – Day 9

The BBC reported today:

The official death toll has risen to almost 32,000, with close to another 30,000 missing.

But aid agencies fear 1.5m could die if help does not come, and estimate that 100,000 have already perished.

An official from Save the Children in Burma told the BBC that about half the people affected by the cyclone were receiving help.

This is quickly turning in genocidal proportions.  It’s time for China to stop protecting the Burmese military and for the rest of the world to help the hundreds of thousands who are suffering.

From the US Campaign for Burma:

France’s foreign minister Bernard Kouchner (a founder of Doctors Without Borders) proposed a solution to this problem. He urged the UN Security Council — the only body at the UN that can pass binding resolutions, to take action that would allow the international community to send aid to Burma whether the Burmese regime likes it or not.

And when France thinks the best solution is an invasion it must be a desperate scene.

The Alliance of Burmese Monks and Student Activists and opponents to the regime have issued this statement (and have put their lives at risk in so doing):

Joint Statement of All Burma Monks’ Alliance, the 88 Generation Students and All Burma Federation of Student Unions
May 9, 2008

The Military Junta’s Sham Constitution Rejected
International Humanitarian Intervention Requested

(1) It is obvious that the SPDC (State Peace and Development Council), official name of the military junta that has ruled the country of Burma illegally for many years with arms and threats, oppresses and kills the people of Burma who demand democracy and human rights peacefully, by using not only its military power, but also natural disaster.

(2) Knowing in advance that the dangerous and strong Cyclone Nargis was coming, the military junta failed to provide sufficient warning and suggest preparation to the people of Burma. Hence, when Cyclone Nargis attacked, hundreds of thousands of people were killed and millions became homeless in states and divisions of Rangoon, Bago (Pegu), Irrawaddy, Karen and Mon. If there were sufficient warnings, serious preparations and systematic evacuations earlier, the number of deaths and damages would be much less.

(3) In the aftermath of the Cyclone attack, the military junta continues to not provide sufficient assistance to the victims. People are facing the potential danger of more and more deaths because of the junta’s inability to remove the rotted bodies quickly, a lack of drinking water and food, and impending deadly diseases. However, we are witnessing sadly that the military junta does not help the victims effectively and it even blocks assistance generously offered by the international community.

(4) While nearly half of the total population in Burma is suffering through this national tragedy, instead of putting all resources toward saving the lives of the victims, the military junta is concentrating on legalizing military rule in Burma forever through a sham constitutional referendum, scheduled for tomorrow, May 10, 2008.

(5) Therefore, we would like to urge the people of Burma, from all walks of life, to object to the military junta, which rules the country against the will of the people, neglects the welfare of the people and focuses only on holding on to its power, by marking a (X) mark on the ballot paper decisively in the referendum.

(6) To save thousands of lives before it’s too late, we would like to urge the United Nations and foreign governments to intervene in Burma immediately to provide humanitarian and relief assistance directly to the people of Burma, without waiting for the permission of the military junta, with a decision made by the UN Security Council or individual country.

All Burma Monks’ Alliance, the 88 Generation Students and All Burma Federation of Student Unions

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