Live from nowhere

I’m posting from the middle of nowhere. Seriously. I am near San Viscente which is on Palawan Island which is in the Philippines. I flew in this morning to the capital city of Peurta Princessa. The airport is so small that the plane landed, stopped on the runway, turned 180, then went 1/2 way back the runway then veared off to the tarmac beside the terminal. Totally 1940s vibe. I think there’s only 6 flights in and out of that airport each day. So my new best friend Tin Tin who’s with the movie production and I got in the car that was waiting for us, with our driver Tony. So we head out to Bigfoot’s remote location. We drove 3 1/2 hours into the jungle. And almost an hour of it was a dirt road. So now we’re at our destination or at a layover of sorts waiting for the crew to meet back with us. Meanwhile Tin Tin and I are on our laptops, using the internet from the yacht (see below) sitting in a bamboo hut in the middle of nowhere skyping people in Europe. Yea, it’s that crazy.

The writing is going really well. And there’s lots to be inspired by here. Stay tuned for pics of empty white sand beaches tomorrow.

me and Tin Tin and the Yacht

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