Bush talks about Burma

Hail to the Chief.  Thank you Mr. Bush for taking leadership in confronting China’s proping up of Burma’s illegal and brutal dictatorship.  I may disagree with you on most of your priorities but I appreciate your work for the Burmese people.

From our friends at US Campaign for Burma:

President and First Lady Visit Burma
Dissidents and Refugees in Thailand

Dear friends,

We wanted to let you know some good news.  President Bush and First Lady Laura Bush just visited Burmese human rights activists in Thailand, 24 hours before they head to Beijing Olympics. The First Lady also made a special trip to refugee camps on the Thailand-Burma border to meet with some of the millions of refugees who have fled Burma’s military dictatorship.

One of our co-founders, Aung Din, today published an opinion article in the Irrawaddy magazine about President Bush’s trip and China’s role in propping up Burma’s dictators.

Burma is an issue in the United States that crosses the fault lines of political parties. We are very glad that Democrats and Republicans have worked together to press for change in Burma.

We very much hope that President Bush, after his meetings, will pressure China to make changes in its policy toward Burma. China is the most important ally of Burma’s dictator Than Shwe, providing him billions in weapons and assistance while blocking the United Nations from .

Despite having to face both the dictator Than Shwe and China, Burmese human rights activists continue to stand strongly in their struggle for democracy. Inside the country they are preparing for the 20th anniversary of the largest uprising in Burma’s history.  Even as the military has put its soldiers on alert, in the last few days dissidents inside Burma have been secretly spray-painting the color red all over the country’s major cities — the color is a symbol of democracy and change in Burma.  We salute their courage and bravery and pledge to re-double our own efforts here in the United States and internationally.

Thank you for supporting the people of Burma in their struggle for human rights!


Aung Din, Jeremy Woodrum, Jennifer Quigley, Thelma Young, Jacqui Pilch