Strike’s Over. “You get back to work!”

Now I have to go back to my old excuses for why my career isn’t going so well. Good to be back. Thanks for the hard work everybody.

Here’s something fun from Maine to celebrate our first day back.

Pencils Up! We love Nikki Written in Maine

By the way the title of this post is from Chandler’s repertoire.  If he’s doing something and I interrupt him and he doesn’t want to be interrupted, he’ll throw out his hand and tell me, “You get back to work!”

Walking in L.A.

On a very brief trip to L.A. I got to see what it’s like on the front lines. I met Bob Odenkirk on a picket at Paramount Thursday. There were only about 4 people at the Bronson gate so I got to bask in his funny for awhile. We talked about the strike and his kids, but mostly we talked about autism. The son of a friend of his has autism and Bob was very knowledgeable about the boy’s condition, regression and treatments. He almost sounded like an Autism dad, himself. What a great friend he is to that Autism dad and his son. God bless you Bob Odenkirk.

Bob Odenkirk and me Paramount - Jan 08 Paramount - Jan 08 (2)

New Year, New Deal… maybe?

Happy New Year Writers and Friends.

Although I’m writing from balmy Las Vegas I’ve been thinking about all of my writers back home. It was very strange to find myself walking around the plastic imitations of snow and icicles in all the Christmas décor here, knowing I’d just left the real stuff. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with friends and family.

As we close out another year and head blindly into the next it is often a time of reflection and reinvention. And yet that is especially hard with the uncertainty currently facing us as writers. The best thing we’ve seen this year is the strong solidarity among writers and actors and other industry professionals, which I think has only increased in recent weeks. I want to encourage any of you who may be discouraged or worried or just sad. I feel those too, we all do. It is a hard fight we face, but we must endure and we must win.

While there’s no news on negotiations, there are a few interesting things coming up this week. The return of Letterman (with writers and SAG guests) and the return of Leno with not much. How many show can you do with the guy from the San Diego Zoo before the audience leaves in droves? Some have criticized the wisdom in making separate deals with producers like Letterman’s Worldwide Pants, but almost everyone whom I’m talking to and reading think it will be a good thing for us. It has the potential to turn up the pressure on NBC and the other very quickly and gives us a mouthpiece through Dave to further the public education campaign. Also look for an amazing display of “Skytyping” done by during the Rose Parade. It’s said they will have a pro-writers skywriting message that will be visible for 400 square miles over the parade. Let’s see if the networks cover that!

You’re a great bunch, and I’m happy that we have had this opportunity to get to know each other. Strike or no, I’m looking forward to building and enjoying this community in 2008.

Happy New Year Everyone.