I am 38 years old and live in a small town near the central coast of Maine.  We bought an 1857 Greek Revival in the town where my wife was born, and it needs a lot of work.  But don’t we all.  The first owner was a tailor (no relation) named Swift.  So we’ve been calling our domicile Swift House.  Before moving here in 2006, I had spent 12 years in Los Angeles in the highly competitive and not as glamourous as you might think film industry.  We made the right decision.  Now we just have to figure out what are new life should be here as Mainers.

This blog is about writing, advocacy and restoration, and probably a few other things thrown in too.

WRITING – I am a writer because it feeds me.  When I am truly in the spirit, and the divine muse has caught me up in her story it is exhilarating and transcendant.  Of course that is a “trip” that don’t come too often.  But I get lonely when I don’t have an assortment of characters dancing around my imagination.

ADVOCACY – As the father of a son with Autism I have seen first hand how people, corporations and governments will always exploit the ones who don’t have the power or will to fight back.  My family is dedicated to taking the fight of the oppressed and afflicted, the disenfranchised and the victimized, whether it be racial injustice, rampant poverty, oppressive debt or corporate/governmental imperialization, across the world or in our backyard.  When Jesus announced his ministry, he said that he had come to preach good news to the poor and set free the oppressed.  That’s a pretty good example to follow, don’t you think?

RESTORATION – we have come here to restore and be restored.  We have been reconnected with life and the land, with the beauty of nature and community.  We are restoring a house to it’s original purpose and glory and we are restoring our son (as far as we are able) to be healthy and happy and part of a greater community.  And along the way, we do our part to restore the creation, as part of the original plan.  It’s going to take a lifetime, but the struggle is worth it.

Scott Taylor is a writer for film and television and sometimes web designer and carpenter (an all around MacGyver type).  He served as Maine’s Strike Captain during the 100 day writers strike 0 2007-08 and is a strong union supporter.  For more info on the strike, it’s aftermath and the New Hollywood visit: UnitedHollywood.com.

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